Event Administration

For more than a decade now, Vibrant Media & Decision Makers have provided top-notch professional online event administration and attendee management services to businesses in South Africa.Our keen insight into event administration and all the ins and outs surrounding it means we have developed an extensive range of specialist services designed to assist you in easily managing the usual admin headaches that surround any event.

Leading up to your event


With over a decade of experience in email marketing our skilled team can copy-write, design and code an email invitation that is in line with your company’s brand guidelines and objectives for the invitation and event.We’ll also ensure that your invitation gets successfully delivered and works across email platforms as well as tablet and mobile devices.


Managing a large database and handling your guest list,especially when it runs into thousands of names, is no easy feat.Luckily  the  team  at  Vibrant  Media  has  years  of experience to call on in the area of database and list management.We also offer effective email delivery reporting showing hard and soft bounces and open rates and will automatically remove hard bounces from your contact list.


Either built in to your microsite or as a standalone page,our fully customisable and branded online registration forms are great for ensuring your attendees and guests feel confident that they are dealing with your company or brand.Built to contain as many fields as you require, even down to the nitty-gritty  details  like  flight  time  preferences,departure cities and even passport and visa details where required, each registration form can be fine tuned to ensure that you get all the information you need in one go and that it is stored in one easily accessible and centralised place.


If you’ve ever had to go through the pain of establishing an online payment gateway then you’ll know exactly how much of a hassle this can be.Our reliable and secured payment terminals allow us to manage this headache for you, and as we are registered vendors with many of the large SA corporates, we can also collect payments on your behalf




Our comprehensive online event management system is packed with really useful features such as the ability to map your venue and table placements and allocate seating according to these.This takes the hassle and manual labour out of what can be a very tedious process, and this information can then be automatically populated into the branded PDF tickets that are directly sent to attendees.

What’s more, the system will allow you to create and printout or display a comprehensive seating plan, or access the attendee’s record quickly to see where they’re sitting if they’ve forgotten their ticket at home. Seating display scan be projected onto a large format screen display so that you can reduce the amount of queries and ushers can more easily assist your delegates at registration on the day.

We’ve also introduced a unique RFID table seating system that will enable attendees to scan their intelligent wristband or name tag at any of the scanning stations located at the entrance to the venue.The guest’s unique table number will then be displayed,along with a personalised and fully customisable greeting.

In addition, the display will show a layout of the tables inthe venue and the table they’re looking for will be clearlyhighlighted on the map – minimizing the time usually wasted by ushers and hostesses.

On the day of your event



Whether your guest list is large or small, name tags can be a real hassle to arrange and manage. What should they look like, how do you ensure effective branding and just how do you make sure that your printer actually aligns to the specific kind of name card stock you got this time? Luckily the team at Vibrant Media are experts when it comes to coordinating name tag printing – and we can even assist with walk-in attendee management on the day of the event, without having to resort to hand-written(or scribbled!) name tags!

We’ll print and arrange your choice of branded name tags for you to match your confirmed attendees’ list, have stock on hand to ensure we can handle any additional walk-ins or changes in attendance and name errors and make sure that the right person gets the right name tag and accreditation they need with the minimum of fuss.


If you don’t have the time and manpower to man the registration table on the day of your event, Vibrant Media’s dedicated account managers will happily do it for you.From greeting guests and ensuring that they know where to go and where the important amenities like coffee  stations  and  bathrooms  are,  to  name tag distribution and attendance register completion, so that you have an exactly accurate list of who attended and who didn’t, the team at Vibrant Media are experts when it comes to making guests immediately feel at home.What’s more, we’ll have immediate access to the online registration system, allowing for easy changes to table and seating allocations where necessary, allowing us to accommodate walk-ins on the day.


From ushers to hostesses and registration on the day –you just never seem to have enough people to handle everything that needs to happen, even when you have carefully and diligently planned every single aspect yourself.

Vibrant Media has worked with a number of staff over the years and has easy access to all the extra staff you could ever need – in any region of the country.


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