26th ICDE World Conference

Project Description

What we do before and at the 26th ICDE World Conference


Invitation Design

•  We set up and code the invitation in HTML format in order to optimise the invitation for improved delivery via email.
•  Set up and create an online RSVP backend System for the event branded in accordance with the Unisa & ICDE branding.
•  Upload the guest list provided by the client to our system.
•  Our system allows us to lock the names so that only the intended guest can RSVP.
•  Distribute the Invitation to the Client’s guest list with the links to the RSVP form should you accept/declined the invite.

Reminders, Maps & Tickets

As we get closer to the date of the event we are able to send out event reminders with a map to the venue & Ticket via Email & SMS.


Accreditation & Registration

Vibrant Media provides full accreditation and hostessing services suitable for 26th ICDE World Conference. We provide our accreditation team with the best equipment and backup.
We are able to produce all different kinds of branded accreditation such as wristbands, name tags as well as smart tags.

About the 26th ICDE World Conference

The 26th ICDE World Conference is a partnership between the ICDE and Unisa.The conference is the first of its kind in Africa  and draws experts, academics and practitioners from around the world. It will provide a platform for our highly regarded keynote speakers, including Audrey Watters, Laura Czerniewicz, Joyce Seitzinger, Aziza Ellozy,Mandla Makhanya, Wayne Mackintosh and Harold Jarche, to share their diverse views and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in an ODL environment.

At this time in global higher education, the conference will address the sustainability, characterand nature of ODL practice in the 21st Century within the context of increasing demands for access,decreasing state resources and growing concern about the quality of provision.