Who we are

Vibrant is one of South Africa’s leading corporate event producers. We have been organizing public events for more than 16 years and have produced intricate, high-profile events using some of the leading names in global and local politics, business, and entertainment. Our business breakfasts often feature the likes of Stephen Grootes, political analyst Justice Malala and award-winning financial journalist, Bruce Whitfield.

What we do

We organize business conferences that cover leadership, political analysis, and business legislation. All these reputable seminars ensure our attendees leave with more knowledge, insight, and tools to make their businesses and lives more successful. Our key speakers are experts in their fields and ensure you’re receiving the most current information, making our events a very rewarding experience.

Along with business conferences and seminars, Vibrant has ventured into organizing sports events too. Every year we host a corporate run that becomes the team building event every company wants to join. We have a cycling criterium event that kick-starts the cycling season, and a team golf event, The Strider Cup, shortly after the Nedbank Golf Challenge.

Our keen insight into event administration and marketing means we have developed an extensive range of specialist events and services designed to provide world-class experiences to both the attendees and managers of specialist events. We offer so many services and can help you organize and plan your own event too!

We have a lot of new and exciting events on the horizon, so get your 2019 calendars out! It’s time to book out a few days for some exciting events to make it a very memorable year.

We’re trying to fill the corporate world with leaders who are excited, motivated and fully armed with the right knowledge and tools to succeed. Check out some of our upcoming events and book your spot before it’s too late.