Now you have the opportunity to learn from the master himself.

Join Professor Mervyn King for an eye-opening one-day seminar in which he will unpack everything you need to know to about the concepts of King IV and how to ensure good Corporate Governance in your business

Integrated reporting, inclusive and sustainable capitalism are major shifts in the corporate world. Mervyn King will deal with these concepts which will resonate in King IV. He will also deal with the outcomes and “apply and explain” regimes of King IV.

Thanks to the King Code of Good Governance, South Africa leads the world in Corporate Governance and Integrated Reporting legislation. This is due almost solely to the prescience and perseverance of the legendary Professor Mervyn King.

Now you have the opportunity to learn from the master (himself). What will you learn:

► What will King IV mean to your business?

► What is inclusive and sustainable capitalism?

► How do you prepare an Integrated Report?

► What risks do you face when being appointed to the Board of Directors?

► What are the duties of a director?

► Why should a non-executive director be intellectually naive?

► Do social and environmental issues affect your organization?

►What is best IT governance practice

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