Because of COVID 19, businesses in South Africa have experienced an unprecedented crisis. It is times like this that true leadership is needed. True leaders are always prepared to take guidance from others and Leading in a Crisis will be the ultimate webinar that will help you to make the decisions that matter as your company negotiates these difficult times.

Join outspoken business leaders; Magda Wierzycka, owner and founder of Sygnia, Nando’s CEO Mike Cathie, and renowned business coach Pavlo Phitidis; who will share their unique insights into how they managed to survive and thrive throughout these troubled times.

Leading in a Crisis will empower your team with vital information that will allow them to make better decisions. The smartest investment decision you will make this year will be to let your team benefit from the experiences of those in the know.


Date: 6 October 2020
Time: 09:00 – 12:30
Price: R350 per person Ex Vat





Founder and CEO of Sygnia Asset Management

After arriving in South Africa in 1983, as a 13-year-old as a refugee from communist Poland, with only R500 in the bank, Magda Wierzycka tackled her life with the grim determination that is the hallmark of immigrants. Magda overcame the language barrier to become one of the few female actuaries in the country. After carving a successful career in fund management, Magda became CEO of the African Harvest Group. She then led the management acquisition of the remainder of the group, which culminated in the establishment of Sygnia Asset Management. Within a decade she grew the company’s assets from R2bn to R162bn!
During the decade of organized state looting known as state capture, Magda Wierzycka was an outspoken critic of the lack o action taken by her private sector contemporaries. She took aim at many of the leading companies in the country who sat passively by, and in some cases facilitated the state capture project. If any South African has earned the right to be heard and can serve as an inspiration to all business people, it is Magda


CEO of Nando's

Louise Crouch
Nando’s is one of South Africa’s favorite brands and has successfully exported their formula around the world. Mike Cathie has to step into some big shoes when he became Nando’s CEO after a successful stint as the marketing manager in a company renowned for its cheeky advertising.
Running a large restaurant chain in the age of Covid-19 is no easy task and Mike Cathie has the unenviable task of managing a business that is caught in the eye of the storm. How do you manage a restaurant chain with hundreds of stores and thousands of employees when the government shuts down your business and decides that food cooked by other people is illegal? Mike Cathie will tell you how to keep your spirits up in these, sometimes, depressing times.


Founder and CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator

As an entrepreneur and investor, Pavlo Phitidis boasts more than 25 years of direct experience in conceptualizing and building businesses across four continents. He has developed and brought to market business assets in excess of $400m through a combination of business start-ups, turnarounds, sales, and acquisitions. His business Aurik Business Accelerator has worked with more than 2000 businesses across all sectors of the economy. this provides Pavlo with a cross-continent and sectoral view of the business.
In addition to his work as a business consultant, Pavlo Phitidis has become renowned for his common-sense advice used on many media platforms, most notably on Talk Radio 702, where he has a regular slot on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield. Pavlo has proved his versatility in writing a number of successful business books. His latest book Reset, Rebuild and Reignite is a must-read for any person who needs guidance when running a business.
Every business has been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown and the closure of the economy. Your business will only survive if every decision-maker in the organization, has a clear idea of what is to be done. The Leading in a Crisis Webinar will go a long way to ensuring that your company not only survives this crisis but thrives. This is the webinar that needs to be watched by every member of your team.